In November 2022, Chris Ireland, a professional photographer, came to share his passion project with our club. Chris aims to publish a book of photos and stories of the people living in the Greenway social housing block in Milsons Point. Through sales of his book, he hoped to raise funds for the Greenway community and enhance their well-being. Read more to see how we spread Christmas cheer for the folks at Greenway.
In his talk, Chris gave us all tremendous insight into the activities at the complex and a lot of its history. Chris was also accompanied by the President of the Greenway's Tenants Group, Bryce Gunn, who was able to tell us about many of the activities that are included for the tenants. He explained how much Greenway had changed in the last 20 years to become what it is today.
We were very moved by our speakers and decided, since Christmas was around the corner, to throw a Christmas sausage sizzle BBQ at the apartments.

Ten days before Christmas, we set up the barbeque and the Tokens played all the old 60s and 70s hits. If the residents forgot which day we were coming, I’m sure just the smell of the snags and onions cooking on the BBQ were enough to remind them it was on! Around 120 residents descended onto the central lawn to join in the fun, enjoy some neighbourly conversation, and have a good feed!
They all had a great time eating their mouth-watering BBQ sausages in a bun, with some even dancing and singing along. After dinner, Bryce took a few of us to visit their impressive Men’s Shed and community garden. All-in-all it was a great day!