North Sydney Rotary has dedicated itself during this year to several successful Youth Service Projects in assisting young, aspiring Australians to achieve remarkable experiences.
Claire Ng            Pi Lee
National Youth Science Forum Candidates 2017
In January of this year we sponsored a young lady called Annalise to experience a life-changing 7-day residential camp called “RYLA” (Rotary Youth Leadership Award ) at Elanora Heights on the Northern Beaches. Annalise attended one of our club meetings and it was gratifying to hear how much she appreciated the opportunity of this unique experience. She gained invaluable leadership skills and self-confidence and not least of all formed long standing friendships with fellow awardees.
Caroline Xu, a year 11 student at North Sydney Girls High School was financially supported by our club to attend this programme which gives young people a voice in the governance of NSW. She attended a 4-day training course in April followed by a 7-day Residential Camp in July, which included presenting a Bill by her and her committee in the NSW Parliament House in Front of Members.
Caroline subsequently addressed our club giving an account of her experience which she described as exhilarating, eye opening and educational and will stand her in good stead in the years to come.
We were delighted to successfully sponsor Lauren from Roseville College for the prestigious NYSF 2016, which was held in Canberra in January of this year. This forum is a 12-day residential programme for students who are excelling in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Lauren enjoyed this experience and has assisted her in focusing on her ambition to one day be an astronaut!
Alana Huang from North Sydney Girls High was one of the selected candidates for NYSF 2017, to be held in Canberra in January next year. Alana has ambitions to succeed in Science and Engineering and knows that the experience is designed to identify areas of interest that best match expectations.
Our second successfully sponsored applicant is Harriet Easterbrook from Fort Street High School. Harriet is currently studying science and chemistry and is looking forward to experience scientific theories outside her comfort zone during NYSF 2017. 
North Sydney Rotary sponsored a young Frenchman called Baptiste Ayrault from Partenay (near Paris), for his 1 year student exchange in Australia.
Baptiste attended Mosman High School during the year where he was an integral part of the school’s Footsal team that excelled in the local competition. By all reports his academic achievements at the school were also outstanding, not a mean achievement for when he arrived he had limited fluency and English comprehension. Baptiste left Sydney at the end of June, 2016 to return to home.
It was a tremendous pleasure to have this young man from France in our midst. His several host parents who billed him, as well as all club members could not help but be charmed by this young man. His Australian experience has been life changing for him and will stand him in good stead in the years ahead.